Introducing SoundField

Make listening easy for everyone!

SoundField For Classrooms

Enhance learning for all students and reduce vocal fatigue for teachers

SoundField for Boardrooms

Ensure everyone is being heard at your meeting space

SoundField for ALL!

Adapt to any space

Meet Roger™ SoundField

You’ve never seen a system like this before!

What is SoundField?

SoundField is a system whereby live speech is transmitted to a speaker which amplifies and delivers the message to the entire room, wirelessly.

Meet Roger

The Phonak Roger SoundField System is a state-of-the-art system that uses dynamic digital technology to monitor the speech versus the background noise and adjusts the volume automatically. It directs sound in a beam, so less is directed up or down and this reduces reverberation compared to other speaker systems. 

High sound performance is combined with plug-and-play simplicity, making this an excellent choice for any application where many different people will be operating it.  It is a problem-solving, communication-enabling system that fits the needs of so many different facilities. 



Volume is automatically adjusted to the room, prioritizing speech


Projects sound in a beam, limiting reverberation


Modular systems that adapt to nearly any space


Intuitive and easy to use


Compatible with multimedia devices


Plug & play wireless simplicity

The Many Places for Roger

The Classroom

Students need to hear to learn effectively and classrooms can be challenging acoustical environments. Roger ™ SoundField is the only system to meet the Universal Design to Instruction (UDI) guidelines.

The Workplace

Increases efficiency and reduces stress by ensuring that all members of a meeting are heard evenly and clearly throughout the room.

Legal & Courtrooms

Ensure the jury, judge and counsel don’t miss a word.

Community Centres

Facilitates engagement in community events and programs by ensuring members can hear, overcoming one of the largest reasons people withdraw from group socializing and community programming.

Places of Worship

Often a challenging acoustical environment, SoundField can make sure the message is received.

So Many More

Anywhere people come together to interact, speech needs to be made clear. SoundField can help! If you have a facility you have questions about, get in touch with us to learn how SoundField can help you.

System Components

The Roger™ SoundField system is completely customizable and expandable to accommodate your changing needs. It uses a single wireless speaker tower which contains 15 speakers inside – enough to fill the room with clear sound. Roger™ SoundField uses line array technology for the most evenly distributed sound possible. It automatically measures background noise levels in the room and uses adaptive volume control to maintain speech clarity in challenging listening environments, such as noisy classrooms or large meeting rooms. 


The Roger SoundField speaker delivers crystal-clear sound to an entire room making listening, focusing, learning and engaging easier for everyone. These speakers use wireless transmission.


DigiMaster 7000

$1,150 CAD

A standalone unit that contains 15 individual mini loudspeakers. Housed in a robust and stylish aluminum frame that sits on a floor stand or can be wall-mounted. The speaker covers an area of up to 3000 square feet. 


Roger SoundField transmitters deliver crystal-clear sound to an entire room, making listening, focusing, learning and engaging easier for everyone. One transmitter is required to operate the Roger™ system.

Touchscreen Mic

$1690 CAD

Broadcasts to personal hearing aid receivers as well as to SoundField speakers

Touchscreen SF Mic

$900 CAD

Broadcasts to SoundField speakers only

Additional Accessories

Augment and adapt your system with these additional accessories.


Pass-around Microphone

$660 CAD

A microphone and desktop stand that can be passed from one talker to another. Allows teacher or presenter to easily hear questions from students or audience.

Multimedia Hub

$500 CAD

The hub allows for connectivity to external audio sources. The hub can also be used to connect a lesson recorder.

Roger Repeater

$500 CAD

Extends the range of the signal in a large space.

Wall Pilot

$339 CAD

The Wall Pilot automatically connects compatible personal hearing aids to the SoundField system when the user enters the room.

Roger BaseStation

$2,200 CAD

The BaseStation is a stationary Roger transmitter designed to broadcast audio from an existing sound system. Connects to both personal receivers and DigiMaster speakers.

Charging Dock

$150 CAD

Charge and store your transmitters, microphones, and multimedia hubs easily and all at once.


Q: What size of room can the DigiMaster 5000 be used in?

A: The DigiMaster 5000 is designed for use in rooms measuring up to 100 square meters (1076 sq. ft) or roughly 100 listeners.

Q: What size of room can a pair of DigiMaster 7000s be used in?

A: One pair of DigiMaster 7000 loudspeakers is designed for use in rooms measuring up to 300 square meters (3230 sq. ft) or roughly 300 listeners.

Q: Can I use a DigiMaster 5000 loudspeaker with a DigiMaster 7000?

A: No. Only a pair of DigiMaster 7000 loudspeakers can be used simultaneously with the same transmitter.

Q: Can I use two DigiMaster 5000s together?

A: No. A DigiMaster 5000 is designed to be used alone. Only a pair of DigiMaster 7000 loudspeakers can be used simultaneously with the same transmitter.

When do I need to use the Roger Repeater?

It is recommended to use a Roger Repeater unit when more than four Roger DigiMaster 7000 are on the same Roger network. Roger Repeater needs to be connected to the Primary transmitter on the Roger network.

Q: Is Roger SoundField an energy-saving system?

A: Roger SoundField meets the latest European Eco design standards from 2010. When the DigiMaster is switched off, its power consumption is less than 0.5W. In standby mode, it is less than 1W. During normal operation in class, the DigiMaster typically consumes about 3W. This is a mere fraction of the energy used to light a classroom and hence a fraction of the energy cost.

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